Uniform Server 5.6-Nano.

Local menu introduction

This menu provides short cuts to Apache syntax check and switching PHP ini files. It also opens the move servers window.

Menu Item Description
  • Apache Syntax check

Runs Apache syntax check. This allows you to quickly pick up any typos.

  • PHP switch to production
  • PHP switch to development

These menu items allow you to switch the PHP ini configuration file to either development or production.

Note: For the new file to take effect you must restart Apache server.

Move servers is a powerful feature of Uniform Server it allows you to run more than one server on the same PC. It is not referring to a physical location! Move means you are moving the server to different ports, changing the executable and service names.

In reality it reconfigures a server so it does not clash with any existing ones.


Move servers

  • Nag After clicking on menu item move servers you will see this nag pop-up. It gives you an opportunity to back out.
  • If you move the servers and want to revert back that is a manual task and is time consuming.
  • The script also gives you an opportunity to back out at the last user input.


Move Servers

Moving a server is very easy.

Although you are provided with the option to change a parameter it is recommended you accept the default given by pressing enter.

  • Press enter At each prompt press enter
  • Note: Tray icon increments.
  • Repeat If you already have a server with the same number run script again.

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Moving the servers allows you to run individual applications on their own server. Combine this with the USB plugin and you have a fully independent application that you can run from a USB memory stick. For example run your own personal MediaWiki on a stick.

Next page covers the Edit drop down menu. This menu provides short cuts to all configuration files. In addition you can open the Vhost edit window.