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UniServer 6-Carbo
MongoDB plugin design.


Tutorial Plugin Download

This tutorial is accompanied by a plugin downloadable from SourceForge.

It has been designed as an overlay for Uniform Server 6-Carbo alternatively it can run independently of Uniform Server.

Independent operation is achieved using a single binary (PHP 5.3.2 compiled with common extensions including new WinBinder with UTF-8 support) extracted from phpack v0.7.5 see Winbinder forum for details. The dll is located in phpack basic stubs folder.


You can download the self-extracting archive exe or the zip archive.

  • Download Uniform Server Carbo_6.0.0.exe or
  • Download mongodb_plugin_design_v1_0.exe or

For download details see MongoDB Introduction (Main Start page)



Installation is nothing more than extracting files to an appropriate location.

Choose one of the following installation options:

Option 1: Uniform Server and tutorial overlay

  • Copy Carbo_6.0.0.exe to any folder (Ensure the path does not contain any spaces)
  • To extract double click on Carbo_6.0.0.exe note no need to change path
  • Copy mongodb_plugin_design_v1_0.exe to folder UniServer
  • To extract double click on mongodb_plugin_design_v1_0.exe again no need to change path

Option 2: Independent tutorial

  • Create a new folder UniServer (Ensure the path does not contain any spaces)
  • Copy mongodb_plugin_design_v1_0.exe to this folder
  • To extract double click on mongodb_plugin_design_v1_0.exe no need to change path
  • Copy the two files (php5ts.dll and php.exe) in folder UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\WinBinder_1\php
  • To folder UniServer\usr\local\php


Folder file structure

UniServer                                        - Top level folder
  mongo_tutorial_read_me.txt                     - Read me file

UniServer\home\admin\www\tutorial_phpMoAdmin     - Admin folder 
  moadmin.php - Admin script

UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial               - Main tutorial folder
  README                - Mongo read me

UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\a_test        - Tutorial work area (empty)

UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\bin           - Mongo Binaries and Uniform Server Utilities

 mongo.exe mongod.exe mongodump.exe              - Mongo core components
 mongoexport.exe mongofiles.exe mongoimport.exe  - Mongo core components
 mongorestore.exe mongos.exe mongostat.exe       - Mongo core components

 pskill.exe uniserv.exe                          - Uniform Server Utilities

 config_auth.ini config_no_auth.ini              - Configuration files added for tutorial
 mongo_name_password                             - Name password file added for tutorial

 UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\Cheat_folder - If you get stuck check this folder
   mongo_db_inc.php                              - Completed file Reference point

 UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\data\mongodb - Location of Mongo generated databases

 UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\WinBinder_1  - WinBinder for independent control

 UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\WinBinder_1\a_test    - Option - WinBinder tutorial part
   mongo_tutorial.bat                                     - Batch file to run mongo_tutorial.phpw
   mongo_tutorial.phpw                                    - Starting point Windows application
   winbinder                                              - Folder containing Winbinder include scripts
   images                                                 - Folder contains utray.ico use your own
   Note: Above two files and folders are copied to folder - Details when to use given in tutorial

 UniServer\usr\local\mongo_tutorial\WinBinder_1\php       - Option - Folder for independent control
   php.exe                                                - Runs php5ts.dll this dll contains PHP 5.3.2 
   php5ts.dll                                             - common extensions and WinBinder                                         
   Note: Above two files are copied to folder             - Details when to use given in tutorial

 UniServer\usr\local\php                                  - Maps php folder in Uniform Server
   mongo_tutorial_cli.ini                                 - PHP CLI configuration file loads php_mongo.dll       

 UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions                       - Maps php extensions folder in Uniform Server
   php_mongo.dll                                          - Mongo php extension (PHP driver)



Tutorial plugin is flexible and will be used for several tutorials. Above installation is applicable to this tutorial. Other tutorials related to this plugin require minor changes these changes will be explained in appraise tutorial.

Next page covers basic components for our application.