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FileZilla FTPd
--[[User:Olajideolaolorun|Olajide]] 09:33, 12 Apr 2005 (EDT)
== FileZilla FTPd ==
I was tired of all those stupid errors and decided to install a newer version of FileZilla FTPd and Client with the official installer.
My observations:
1) It doesn't work with W:\ (Subst Drive), when I tried to upload a file, an infinite loop occured. I was uploading the file over and over again and upon each upload the Client would ask me if I wanted to overwrite the original file. The file still counld't be found in the Directory List.
2) I tried it with a folder in D:\ (Local Drive), I couldn't view the Directory List until I uploaded a file!
My conclusions:
1) FileZilla FTPd is a very buggy FTP Server (or maybe it has lots of hidden features)
2) It doesn't work with Subst Drives.


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