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The Uniform Server Wiki System is a place where users can write, edit, or modify articles, tutorials and any information about our projects. Articles on how to install, enable or do anything that relates to them are posted here.

Users also have the ability to edit any article posted, or to even create articles that they feel may be able to help other users.
This wiki system is run and maintained for The Uniform Server by the [[Uniform_Server_Wiki_System:Administrators|The Uniform Server Wiki Sysops]]. It is a place where you can find articles about the Uniform Server and also other things that relate to it.
Users are encouraged to submit whatever articles they might have, subject to reading the article submission '''[[Adding Articles|guidelines]]'''. All articles that do not correspond with the guidelines will be deleted! All articles are reviewed after submission for compliance with the wiki guidelines.
The Uniform Server's wiki system is not a place for users or bots to spam or post ad urls. Please do not even think of doing any such thing or your IP will be banned. We do not encourage foul language either.  Let's keep the wiki clean and friendly.
Thanks, <br />
[[Uniform_Server_Wiki_System:Administrators|The Uniform Server Wiki Sysops]]
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