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Join us at our IRC channel. <br />
'''Attention:IRC Server''': <br />' ''Visiting our IRC channel is mandatory for <u>beta testers</u>Channel''': #uniserver
'''IRC ServerAttention <u>Beta Testers</u>:'''# '': ircYou must visit our IRC Channel at least once every two weeks or your Beta Tester status will be removed (contact us in the forum if you have a really good reason for not showing up)<br />''# '''You should register with UniIRCBot, so that we can keep track of when you last visited our IRC Channel.''': #uniserver === Choosing an IRC Client ===
You need an IRC client like:
For a web based IRC client, [ click here]
=== Registering with UniIRCBot ===
Our channel's IRC bot is called UniIRCBot. You are encouraged to register with it (also remember to identify to it when you join, if it doesn't recognize you by your hostmask). This should make it easier for us to contact you (on IRC) and also serves as evidence that you've visited the channel (for the beta testers)..
After registration, you'll be able to use commands like @Note and others..
=== Channel Rules ===
# <u>Cursing</u> <br /> You are free to do whatever you want, but please keep the cursing to a minimum or you will be kicked!
# <u>Bot Tamparing</u> <br /> Do not mess with the bot or you will be kicked!
# <u>Bot Running</u> <br /> Do not run any kind of bot in this channel without permission from a op or a manager!
# <u>Stupid Questions</u> <br /> Please do not ask stupid questions that are bound to annoy others (for example, don't ask if you can ask a question)
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