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'''Help & Support IRC Channel''': #uniserver or #uniformserver <br />
'''Development IRC Channel''': #unidev or #unibeta
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'''Attention <u>Beta Testers</u>:'''
# ''You should register with Freenode and UniIRCBot, so that we can get an auto voice in the Beta IRC Channel.''
# ''When registering with UniIRCBot, please make sure to use your Forum Username so we can identify you.''
# ''When registering with Freenode, please set your IRC Nickname in the My Control Center of the Forum so we can link you with it.''
=== Choosing an IRC Client ===
For a web based IRC client, [ click here]
=== Registering with Freenode ===
=== Registering with UniIRCBot ===
Our channel's IRC bot is called UniIRCBot. You are encouraged to register with it (also remember to identify to it when you join, if it doesn't recognize you by your hostmask). Please note that the Bot does not have 24/7 uptime, and may be down sometimes.
After registration, you'll be able to use commands like @Note and others..
=== Channel Rules ===
# <u>Cursing</u> <br /> You are free to do whatever you want, but please keep the cursing to a minimum or you will be kicked!


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