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Install No-IP
Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo

If you do not have a domain name or a static IP address and consider purchasing these too expensive no problem.

No_IP has a solution that may suite your needs. They provide free domain names with a dynamic IP service. The following describes how to set up a free account and install their utility to track your dynamic IP address.

If you do have a registered domain and fixed IP address feel free to skip this page.

Create account and domain name

A) Create an account

Visit and sign-up for a free account.

An email will be sent to the address you supplied this contains a link to activate (confirm) your account.

B) Login to your new account

Note: To login you require your email address you signed up with and the password you created.

Once logined in you will see a page similar to that shown on the right. Select the "YOUR NO-IP" tab

C) Create a host (domain name)

1) To the left under Hosts/Redirects click on Add this opens a page shown below.

Uc no ip 1.gif

D) Add a Host (domain name)

To create a domain name follow steps 2) to 7):

  1. Hostname: Enter a name for your domain (mpg123)
  2. Drop down menu: Select a domain you would like to use from the free section.
  3. DNS Host (A): Your are creating an A rechord make sure the radio button is selected.
  4. IP Address: This is automatically inserted for you it's your current IP address.
  5. MX Rechord: I am not sure if this is required, it does no arm to include it. Enter the full domain you selected above. (
  6. Click Create Host

If for whatever reason your host cannot be created the problem area will be highlighted in red with a description of the problem.

I failed several times, my choice of hostname was in use hence you might have to repeat this process several times. The free service is very popular so don’t be surprised if your initial selection is in use.

Note: It takes a while for your domain to become active so be patient. The time can vary depending how busy the Internet is, normally it’s about five minuetes for new accounts however changes to an established account take upto two hours.

You can manually update your IP address 5) however No-IP provide a free client to automate this process.

Uc no ip 2.gif


Install their client software

The client software communicates with No-IP's Dynamic Domain Name Servers and update them with your current IP address.

Go to No-IP and download the latest (V2.2.1) version of No-IP client software.

Before you start installing the client connect your PC to the Internet. To install double click on the file downloaded, click through the first four screens as shown below

Uc duc 1.gif

Uc duc 2.gif

Uc duc 3.gif

Uc duc 3.gif

Uc duc 5.gif


Enter Email address and password for your No-IP account

Click OK


All your dommain names created at No-IP are automatically downloaded.

Check each domain you require updating.

Click the top right cross to close client.

Note: In the bottom window there is a link named "here" click to automatically login to the No-IP web site and add additional hosts if required. (maximum 5)

Uc duc 6.gif


With the above installed check your Uniform Server is accesible from the Internet. If you run into problems checkout home webser 2 most of the common issues are covered.

With a domain name you can now run your own email server, I cover this on the next page .


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