SSL Part 1: Apache Upgrade

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Apache Upgrade

If you wish you can skip this page and go straight to mod_ssl Install page it includes the binaries covered by this page.

The following provides a general method of obtaining binaries for use with Uniform Server. Strictly speaking it’s not an up-grade however the technique is required when you do.

Apache distribute their binaries as a complete installable package (uses the msi installer) hence to get access to the binaries Apache must first be installed it’s a shame they do not provide a zip file alternative.

Where to get the binaries

All binaries are obtainable from Apache Project - Apache HTTP Server

  • If your are up-grading the latest binaries can be found on this page: Download Site
  • We are interested in up-grading Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo to mod ssl however this is an older version of Apache which can be found in Apache's archive Win32.


Create a new folder anywhere you like named apache_binaries we will use this later.


Obtain the new binaries

  • Goto the Archive Site
  • Download file apache_2.0.59-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.7j.msi
  • Save in folder apache_binaries


To extract the binaries you have a choice of either running msiexec or installing Apache. Chose a method you are most comfortable with:

Run msiexec

First create a batch file named extract_msi.bat in the folder apache_binaries and add this line:

msiexec /a apache_2.0.59-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.7j.msi

Save the file and double click to run. It appears as if you are installing the program however it just extracts the files. Save to a folder of your choice, in this folder you will find the Apache files these are several folders down.

Install Apache

If you do not have msiexec install and extract the binaries as follows:

  1. Run the installer, double click on apache_2.0.59-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.7j.msi
  2. At the copyright warning click next
  3. Check I accept and click next
  4. Read this first Click next
  5. Server information add some dummy info as follows:
      select all
      users (radio button)
      click next
  6. Click Typical (radio buttton) click next
  7. Accept destination folder:
      c:\Program Files\Apache Group\
      Click Next
  8. Click Install
  9. If challenged allow all to act as a server
  10. Click Finish
  11. Go to folder C:\Program Files\Apache Group and copy folder Apache2 and all its content to apache_binaries.
  12. Goto Add/Remove programs and remove Apache HTTP Server 2.0.59

You now have a set of Apache binaries you can use, keep these for future reference.

Note 1: The Apache installer is no longer required you may wish to delete this to save space.



The above outlines a general procedure for obtaining Apache binaries. You can use these to up-grade Uniform Server perhaps there is a module you need not included with Uniform Server now you have a method for obtaining these.

I required all elements associated with mod ssl these I have included with my download mod_ssl Install.