MongoDB Tutorial 4: phpMoAdmin Support

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MongoDB Production Plugin
UniServer 6-Carbo.

MongoDB adding phpMoAdmin Support


The standalone plugin provided a button to run phpMoAdmin.

Our new plugin purposely removed this button to provide a cleaner user interface.

To retain flexibility a menu bar was added this page covers adding a menu item for phpMoAdmin.

Add menu item

Adding a menu item requires the following steps:

  • Create a constant to define a new unique ID
  • Add menu item to one of the drop down menus
  • Add a cease statement to process menu item

Add the following constant

define('ID_PHPMOADMIN',        1110);

Add menu item. I decided to locate it in the file drop-down menu

       array(ID_PHPMOADMIN,        "Run phpMoAdmin"),
       null,                        // separator 
       array(IDCLOSE,               "Exit"),

Add handler section

 //=== Process menu items ====================

  case ID_PHPMOADMIN:                // Run phpMoAdmin

  // Check server running
   $str  = "";
   $str .= "This item requires access to a running server.\n";
   $str .= "Please start MonGoDB server and run\n";
   $str .= "this item again.";
   wb_message_box($window, $str,"Server not running", WBC_INFO); 
   break;        // Give up

  //== Create or update a new redirect page 
  $apache_port = get_apache_port(); // Get real port this may have changed
  $str  = '<html><head>'."\n";
  $str .= '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=http://localhost:';
  $str .= $apache_port.'/apanel/phpmoadmin/moadmin.php">'."\n";
  $str .= '<title>Uniform Server</title></head>'."\n";
  $str .= '<body></body></html>'."\n";
  file_put_contents(REDIRECT_PAGE,$str); // Save string to file

  wb_exec(REDIRECT_PAGE);   // Run redirect file mongo_redirect.html




That concludes this tutorial finished application shown on right.

Although fully functional consider it a starting point where you can add extra functionality as required.

To download this application; check the download page for details.

See User support page for additional information.

Mongo d initial 1.gif



These tutorials are intended to show how easy it is to create a plugin for Uniform Server.

MongoDB just happened to be around being self-contained allowed other facets of scripting to be shown. It brings together three open source projects MongoDB, WinBinder and Uniform Server. These in turn rely on other open source projects.

If the tutorials have sparked a single idea or allowed you to pick up useful code then they were worth producing.