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Installing phpBB V2 | Installing phpBB V3

How to install phpBB V3 on Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo.

Uniform Server is ideal for testing and evaluating programs like phpBB (version 3.0.1). I tend to keep a clean version of Uniform Server ready to do quick test, add the software to be tested. After testing just archive the lot using 7Z.

If you do not intend to go live with phpBB, use defaults during set-up and you will have a working bulletin board in a very short time, it is so quick to install. Once installed you can break it as many times as you like, that is the beauty of this type of set-up. It gives you the chance to resolve any issues before going live.

When going live use real passwords and make sure you implement any security where noted.


Download files and and copy to their correct location I have shown the complete steps below:

 1  To begin, I have assumed you have downloaded Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo from and unzipped it to your computer. If you intend going live check out this page first security check list.

Note: You will need the database user name (root) and password that you set for MySQL. In this tutorial I use the Uniform default password (root) .

 2 A) Next you need to download phpBB 3.0.1 (or newer version) from Save it to a convenient folder for example c:\phpbb_temp
 3 B) Extract the file you downloaded ( to the current folder (right click on the file to be extracted and select Extract All... click Next and Next again).

This creates a new folder named: phpBB-3.0.1 that contains a folder named phpBB3 containing all the required files.

 4 C) Copy the folder phpBB3 (and all its content) to the root folder www.

Uc phpbb v3 install 1.gif


Installation - Create phpBB Database

Creating the phpBB database is straight forward tables are automatically inserted during installation

 1  Start Uniform Server (Double click on Server_Start.bat).
 2 From apanel click on the phpMyAdmin link. (left menu) Note you can always return to apanel by typing http://localhost/apanel/ into your browser address bar.
 3 A) We want to create a new database. Name it phpbb (or something easy to remember)
 4 B) Click on Create to create the database

Uc phpbb install 2.gif



For whatever reason the designers have decided to split installation across several pages however it still remains extremely easy to install. Follow these steps to install and have a play with phpBB V3:

 1  To start Installation type the following into your browser: http://localhost/phpBB3/install/
 2 Install page displays Click Install Tab, Click Proceed to next step
 3 Requirements: A list is displayed (Unifrom Server meets these) scroll to bottom of page and click Start install
 4 Database settings:
  • Database type: MySQL with MySQLi Extension
  • Database server hostname or DSN: localhost
  • Database server port: (leave blank)
  • Database name: phpbb
  • Database username: root -- {use root in most cases this will not change}
  • Database password: root --{if you intend to go live make sure you change this see Security}
  • Prefix for tables in database: phpbb_ --{no real reason to change this}
  • Click Proceed to next step
 5 Database connection tested, Successful connection, click Proceed to next step
 6 Administration:
  • Default board language: British English
  • Administrator username: ric --{whatever you want to use}
  • Administrator password: unicenter123 --{whatever you want to use}
  • Confirm administrator password: unicenter123
  • Contact e-mail address: --{use your real e-mail address}
  • Confirm contact e-mail:
  • Click Proceed to next step
 7 Administration test, test passed, click Proceed to next step
 8 Configration file written, click Proceed to next step
 9 Advanced settings: Use the default settings,"these settings can be altered from the Administration Control Panel later", nothing to do click Proceed to next step
 10 Create database tables: "The database tables used by phpBB 3.0 have been created and populated with some initial data. Proceed to the next screen to finish installing phpBB." , click Proceed to next step
 11 Final stage: Congratulations! "You have now successfully installed phpBB 3.0.1. From here, you have two options as to what to do with your newly installed phpBB3:"

Please now delete, move or rename the install directory before you use your board. If this directory is still present, only the Administration Control Panel (ACP) will be accessible.

Click Login

Note 1: Delete or rename this folder: *\Uniform Server\udrive\www\phpBB3\install

Note 2: To access your BB type the following into your browser: http://localhost/phpBB3/


Problems encountered


If the mail function fails, this can be resolved in one of two ways check out this section PHP mail function.


Again it's taken longer to write this page than actually perform the installation and testing. Although not exhaustive, I tested with different drive letters, ran from a memory stick this took above five minutes to copy across (Total 61.2 MB phpBB3 9.21 MB). Looks fine to me but remember its always the components you do not test or assume, that flaw you in the end.


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