The Uniform Server

What is the Uniform Server?

The Uniform Server is a pre-packaged popular web development server stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP (referred to as a WAMP). It is used primarily for testing HTML code privately on your Windows-based computer. It is a small package, very easy to setup and use.

What software does Uniform Server include?

The Uniform Server is actively developed, and the software included in the package includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, and several plugins.

How do I install the Uniform Server?

After downloading the latest version, run the downloaded .exe file to unpack the server directory. Then go to the created directory and run Start.exe (or start.bat for earlier versions). Note that nothing is entered in the Windows registry, and that you can move the entire directory structure after unpacking.

Versions 5.0 and later automatically open a browser and redirect you to the Welcome screen (http://localhost). You can then click the Server Administration link under the banner to change the settings.

Earlier versions create a new disk "W:\" which is The Uniform Server's base. If the browser does not open up automatically, navigating to http://localhost/a will display the administration panel. This panel lets you change the server settings using The Uniform Server configuration links, or you can also modify "W:\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf" and "W:\usr\local\php\php.ini" according to your requirements.


In alphabetical order:

  1. Anatoliy Slobodskyy [All Hands Developer]
  2. Deepak Thukral [Project Developer]
  3. Mike Gleaves ("Ric") [Project Developer]
  4. Olajide Olaolorun [Project Manager]
  5. Taras Slobodskyy [All Hands Developer/Project Founder]


We have to respect our colleagues and also give our users the power of choice.

Here is a list of our closest competitors:

  1. XAMPP - 13,075,744 bytes +-
  2. WampServer - 16,032,571 bytes +-

Here is a list of other competitors we believe we have left behind :)

  1. AppServ - 25,224,711 bytes +- X
  2. EasyPHP - 11,359,781 bytes +- X
  3. PHPTriad - 13,464,805 bytes +- X
  4. FOXServ - 28,925,931 bytes +- X