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In the Wiki news

  • Current Production Version is UniServer 7.1.9-Orion, released September 12, 2011.
    • Apache 2.2.21 --> Security and bug fix release
    • MySQL 5.5.15-community
    • PHP 5.3.8
    • eAccelerator 1.0-svn427
    • phpMyAdmin 3.4.4
    • OpenSSL 1.0.0e - Update
    • ActivePerl via Installer
    • UniTray
    • Go-Pear 1.1.6
    • Cron - Scheduler
    • DtDNS - IP address updater
    • db_backup - Database back-up
    • msmtp 1.4.24 - Mail client for PHP
    • WinBinder 2010.10.14

Note: If you downloaded Version 7.1.5-Orion, be sure to replace it, since there is a bug in PHP 5.3.7. (Aug 22nd, 2011)

  • Version 6.1.5-Carbo Download Note: this is a VC9 version of Uniform Server 5.7.5 (VC6). It is now a bit dated. Be sure to read the Tutorial.

Over the next several months we will be revising and restructuring the Wiki, as well as adding new content aimed at supporting the upcoming Coral series of The Uniform Server.