PHP Upgrade from 5.2.3 to 5.2.5

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MPG UniCenter

PHP Upgrade from 5.2.3 to 5.2.5

Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo.

If you are not worried about size the quickest way to upgrade PHP for 3.5-Apollo is to load the full package as follows (note stop your servers before doing the install)


Download full version of PHP 4.4.8

  1. Create a new folder named c:\php525 (alternatively save the file to any folder)
  2. Download and save the following file into the above folder:
  1. Goto: PHP Downloads
  2. Download this file: PHP 5.2.5 zip package [9,713Kb] - 08 November 2007
    md5: ed31e77414e0331e787487b53732dbca


  1. Right click on file downloaded, select Extract all, click next, no need to change the folder click next, click next again.
    This creates a folder named php-5.2.5-Win32
  2. Open this folder and copy all the files (including folders) into:
    *\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php let it overwrite all
  3. While in folder: *\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php
    Delete folder: extensions
    Rename the folder ext to extensions

Restart your servers and in apanel click phpinfo(). A new page will open reporting the version of php.


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