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Moving and upgrading MediaWiki 4.0-Mona


Moving and upgrading MediaWiki on Uniform Server.

The following describes how to move and upgrade MediaWiki from Uniform Server 3.5 Apollo to 4.0-Mona.

Original Configuration:

  • Server: Uniform Server 3.5 Apollo
  • MediaWiki: mediawiki-1.13.1
  • Server folder: www\wiki
  • Server database: \Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\mysql\data\wikidb

New Configuration:

  • Server: Uniform Server 4.0-Mona
  • MediaWiki: mediawiki-1.13.3



Copy the server Wiki folder www\wiki to new server Copy the database folder \Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\mysql\data\wikidb to new server.

This effectively mirrors what already exists.


New MediaWiki

Downloaded new version of MediaWiki unpacked it. Copy all files to new server and allow overwrite of any existing files.


Admin Settings

Locate the file AdminSettings.sample found in folder www\wiki make a copy and rename it AdminSettings.php

Edit file and change these two lines as shown. (If you have changed the password make sure you use that)

$wgDBadminuser      = 'root';
$wgDBadminpassword  = 'root';   


Run update.php!

The upgrade guide informs you to run update.php from a command prompt. This will fail because Uniform Server adds nothing to your PC hence the PHP executable is not on any system path. The solution is to create a batch file and run the command from the PHP root.

Create the following batch file name it wiki_update.bat and save to folder \UniServer\udrive\usr\local\php The batch file runs update.php in CLI mode.

php.exe \www\wiki\maintenance\update.php

Note: If you have named your wiki folder something else just substitute it in the above.


Run update

Start the new servers, from the virtual drive created (normally drive Z) navigate to wiki_update.bat double click to run, be prepared for a long wait however if your Wiki database is small it is fairly quick.


General note

The above applies to minor version updates for major version upgrades please read any notes supplied with that version.



Minor updates are really that easy. If upgrading on an existing server; make sure to back-up.

The batch file wiki_update.php and AdminSettings.php need creating in either case.


Installing MediaWiki on 4.0-Mona

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