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This page shows how to install AWStats on The Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo.

Installing AWStats on 3.5-Apollo

AWStats is a set of Perl scripts for analysing Apache log files. Note that a standard installation uses absolute paths. This page covers installing AWStats using relative paths thus making it portable. The easiest way to install AWStats is manually. This gives you finer control over the process.


Unfortunately some of the Perl modules in 3.5-Appolo do not match the corresponding executable. This prevents AWStats from working. The quickest way to resolve this is to apply the bug fix found on this page.


Go to http://awstats.sourceforge.net and download the latest version. The following installation guide is for version 6.8 We are going to perform a manual installation, so download the zip file (awstats-6.8.zip) and save it to a folder of your choice.

Extract files

Right click on the file downloaded (awstats-6.8.zip) and select extract all. No need to change the folder location. This creates a folder named awstats-6.8; inside this is a second folder named awstats-6.8 containing folder wwwroot. Open folder wwwroot, which contains the following folders that need to be copied to The Uniform Server:

  • cgi-bin
  • classes
  • css
  • icon
  • js


  1. Copy folders: css, icon and js
    To Uniform Server folder: \Uniform Server\udrive\www
  2. Copy folder: cgi-bin
    To Uniform Server folder: \Uniform Server\udrive\cgi-bin
    Rename the copied folder cgi-bin to awstats.

AWStats Configuration

Inside folder \Uniform Server\udrive\cgi-bin\awstats locate the file awstats.model.conf and rename it to awstats.conf

Several lines in this file required editing as follows:

Line 51 Change:




Line 122 Change:




Line 153 Change:




Line 212 Change:




Line 239 Change:





The section starting at line 156 is worth a read.

View Stats

You can view the initial stats page by typing the following into your browser:


Note: To recalculate statistics, click on the Update now link located top of page.


The above configuration allows you to view your server statistics online. This includes any other users with access to your server. You probably don’t want users to view this valuable information. To restrict access you have two options: either password protect the folder or restrict access to localhost only.

Local access only

Copy file .htaccess from folder \Uniform Server\udrive\www to folder \Uniform Server\udrive\cgi-bin\awstats .

Edit the file you just copied to look like this:

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from

This limits viewing the statistics page to your local machine and prevents everyone on the Internet form seeing your stats information.

Password protect

If you need to view your server statistics online, password protect the folder awstats.

Again use Uniform Server's default .htaccess file. Copy it from folder \Uniform Server\udrive\www to folder \Uniform Server\udrive\cgi-bin\awstats

Edit the file you just copied to look like this:

AuthName "Uniform Server - Server Access"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /htpasswd/awstats/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

The above only enables password protection; you now need to create the password file.

  1. In folder \Uniform Server\udrive\htpasswd create a new folder named awstats.
  2. Copy file .htpasswd from folder \Uniform Server\udrive\htpasswd\www into the folder just created (awstats)
  3. Edit the copied .htpasswd file, delete its content and add the name:password pair you want to use.

After saving the file type the following into your browser http://localhost/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl you will be challenged for a name and password.


I am lazy and tend to keep overlay files (plugins). You may find this one of use.

Download this file uc_awstats_6_8_plugin.exe and save it to folder *\Uniform Server (where Stop.bat and Server_Start.bat are located).

MD5 = 7156b9ad91a84c13e7e3d8c66641ff4d

The file is a self-extracting archive; double click to run, no need to change the path, allow overwriting existing files. This updates Uniform Server as described above.

Note: Remember to download and apply Uc_bug_fix_5.exe. Otherwise you will receive a "Server Configuration Error" message.


The above is intended to get AWStats up and running quickly; depending on your requirements you may need to make additional changes.

I performed the above installation on a clean install of Uniform Server. Due to a lack of data to analyse, the output from AWStats was unimpressive. I copied the access.log file from a working server into folder \Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\apache2\logs; now that was impressive and fast.

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