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Join us at our IRC channels (main channels are the ones with chat links).
IRC Server: irc.freenode.net
Help & Support IRC Channel: #uniserver or #uniformserver
Development IRC Channel: #unidev or #unibeta


What is IRC?

According to Wikipedia, IRC is a form of instant communication (instant messaging) over the Internet. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication (unlike most of the other instant messaging services which only allow one-to-one communication) in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication.

What do we use IRC for?

Our "Help & Support" IRC Channel is mainly used for providing real time support, which is almost impossible with the forum (in other words, if you need a problem solved quickly (which is what most people want), you should be asking on the IRC channel and not the forum).

On the other hand, our "Development" IRC Channel is used for discussing the development of Uniform Server (which explains why it is only full when we have our LiveSession).

Connecting to IRC

Choosing an IRC Client

You will need an IRC client like:

You can find more IRC clients here.

Registering with Freenode (the IRC Server which our IRC Channels are on)

We recommend that you register your nickname with Freenode, this makes sure that you'll be able to use the same nickname every time you connect. This also makes it easier for us to know who you are.

First, check if your nickname is already registered by someone else:

/ns info <nickname>

But you can also use:

/msg NickServ info <nickname>

If you get a notice saying:

The nickname [<nickname>] is not registered

Then you may proceed with the next step to register your nickname. If you get anything else but that notice, then the nickname you're currently trying to register is already taken by someone else. You may still use that nickname, if you're only staying for a while; but if you want to register a nickname you must find a new nickname and repeat the steps above until you find one that isn't registered, then you may proceed to the step below.

Registering your nickname with Freenode is easy and simple. We recommend (for safety reasons):

/ns register <password>

But you can also use:

/msg NickServ register <password>

To identify yourself on your next login to the IRC Server, we recommend (for safety reasons):

/ns identify <password>

But you can also use:

/msg NickServ identify <password>

If you need any further assistance on registering your nickname, you can always ask us in our IRC Channel.

Our Channel Rules

  1. Cursing
    You are free to do whatever you want, but please keep the cursing to a minimum or you will be kicked!
  2. Bot Running
    Do not run any kind of bots in this channel without permission from a op or a manager!
  3. Stupid Questions
    Please do not ask stupid questions that are bound to annoy others (for example, don't ask if you can ask a question)