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Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo known bugs or issues.

apanel - blown away

Bug fix: corrects apanel being blown away

File: All files associated with apanel Location: *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www

Problem: Turning off short open tags (short_open_tag = Off line 83) in php.ini (*\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php) blows apanel away. Re-enabling short open tags (short_open_tag = On) does not reinstate apanel.

Solution: Edit all files associated with apanel:

  • Replace all <? with <?php
  • Replace all <?= with <?php echo


There are a lot of files to change its quicker to download this file Uc_bug_fix_1.exe

MD5 = ea8bf32a1d88e8548b77cdfe3e6dd524

The file is a self-extracting archive; double click to run, no need to change the path. Allow it to overwrite existing files.

Note: This also includes bug fix 4) config.inc.php

Not a major problem

To put this minor bug into perspective, short open tags allow you to run php scripts using both forms of tag pairs “<? ?>” or “<?php ?>” hence its not a real problem. However if you want to force your server by changing php.ini to use only the standard form of tag “<?php ?>” it becomes a serious problem and you do need to update apanel.

Forum reference

Additional information or background can be found on these forum pages.

Note: I found the above problem while browsing Source Forge tracker

Proposed solution

See above.

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