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Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo known bugs or issues.

Incompatible Perl modules

Bug fix: update Perl modules

File: All Perl modules
Location: *\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\lib

Problem: Some modules are incompatible with the executable perl.exe.
Solution: Update modules to match executable.):


Download this file Uc_bug_fix_5.exe save it to folder *\Uniform Server.

MD5 = 2049965edd16644eb031cfae2f7c362a

The file is a self-extracting archive; double click to run. No need to change the path. Allow overwriting existing files. This updates all Perl modules. To save space you can delete file Uc_bug_fix_5.exe.


New Users: Quick Perl CGI - Explains the problem in detail.

Bugs 3.5-Apollo: Combined bug fix - The above is included in the combined fix.

Proposed solution

See above.

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