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Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo known bugs or issues.

Combined bug fix

Combined fix

{Please note all modifications in this section have been incorporated in Uniform Server 4.0-Mona. These have been fully tested on XP, Vista Home and Ultimate.}

Implementing fixes 1), 2), 3), 4), 5), 6), 7), 8) and 9) see intro pagepage can be tedious so I have zipped them all into a single file.
Ideally you should run on a clean version of The Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo because existing file are overwritten.

If you do want to run the fix on a production server, try it on a backup copy first.

Before you do, open the file mysql_password located in *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www and note the password.

After running the fix, make sure to update the file mysql_password to the password you use.


Download this file Uc_bug_fix_7.exe and save it to folder Uniform Server.

MD5 = 5d3d7c076486b185699e0fe3547832df

The file is a self-extracting archive; double click to run, no need to change the path, allow overwriting existing files.

Note mysql password

Remember, the file will overwrite the mysql password.

Forum reference

Additional information or background can be found on these forum pages.

Covered on individual pages.

Proposed solution

Please note these bug fixes are unofficial, if you are experiencing any of the problems stated they are indented to provide enough information to update Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo.

These bugs are minor and do not warrant a new release of 3.5-Apollo. I personally agree with this, version 4 will be its replacement. I have been informed four is nearly ready for Alpha and Beta testing.

I must stress these fixes have not been fully tested, however they work fine on my PC (OS XP-Home). Run them on a clean version of Uniform Server before committing to a production server.

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