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The Uniform Server 4-Mona

General support information for Uniform Server 4-Mona

This support page provides information for downloading full packages of the core components. In addition, it includes small snippets of information that may be of use.


If you are going to download and install full versions of the core components, check introduction page for release details and correct package to download.

Core Components

Although great care has been taken to include most commonly used modules with the main distribution of 4-Mona, occasions will arise when you need a module that's not included. This section provides information for the core components used in 4-Mona I would recommend you download these and save to individual folders for later use thus allowing you to import any modules you require.


Visit Apache HTTP Server Project for the latest information.

Apache is not distributed in a simple archive format. In order to obtain the binaries, you have two options: either install the downloaded package and pick-up the binaries, or run msiexec to extract the binaries.

Uniform Server 4-Mona uses the following Windows binaries:

Win32 Binary including OpenSSL 0.9.8i (MSI Installer): apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8i.msi

Download the above file from: Downloading the Apache HTTP Server page

Note: Here is a useful link to Apache archive site for Win32 binaries.

Run msiexec

First create a batch file named extract_msi.bat in the folder you saved the download to and add this line:

msiexec /a apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8i.msi

Save the file and double click to run. It appears as if you are installing the program however it just extracts the files. Save to a folder of your choice, in this folder you will find the Apache files these are several folders down.

Note: If the above fails use the following method:


If you do not have msiexec, simply install and extract the binaries as follows:

Install the package, copy the installed folder to another location and finally uninstall.

Install package

  1. Download: apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8i.msi save to any folder.
  2. Double click to run the installation program.
  3. Tick the I accept box click NEXT
  4. Read the read me material click NEXT
  5. A form is displayed; enter some dummy information as follows:
  • Network Domain: fred.com
  • Server name: www.fred.com
  • Admin email: fred@someone.com
  • Click All users radio button
  • Click Next
  1. Click Typical radio button
    Click Next
  2. Folder path accept default: c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\
    Click Next
  3. Review changes click Install
  4. Wait for Install finish
  5. Stop services using icon in system tray (bottom right)
  6. Save main folder Apache 2.2 (created in default path 7) to another folder (Apache229_ref).
  7. Open add remove programs and delete Apache.

Best of all, you now have access to all Apache modules, allowing you to select the ones you need.


Go to the MySQL downloads page scroll down to Windows downloads section. You require the file named Without installer (unzip in C:\) to the right of this click on Pick a mirror

  • Save the file mysql-noinstall-5.1.30-win32.zip to any folder of your choice. (Size: 112.8M)
  • Un-Zip the file into a folder this creates a new folder named: mysql-noinstall-5.1.30-win32 Inside this folder you will find another folder named mysql-5.1.30-win32 containing the MySQL files.

Although 4-Mona is complete you may like to use some of the utilities supplied in the full download (extracted size 429 MB)

Note: If you require a program to check the MD5 pop over to Portable Apps look in the utilities section and download winMd5Sum portable checker


Download site php.net

Since we are not interested in installing PHP on our PC, download a zip package:

Windows Binaries section

  • PHP 5.2.8 zip package [10,115Kb] - 08 December 2008

After downloading unzip to any folder, locate folder php-5.2.8-Win32\ext copy any extensions you require to folder uniform_server\udrive\usr\local\php\extensions.

Note: Useful link Unsupported Historical Releases (Archive)


Download site Activestate download page.

We are not interested in installing Perl on our PC hence download a zip package

  • 4-Mona uses this version: ActivePerl- 14-May-2008 08:30 17M (Extracted 53.4 MB)
  • After downloading, unzip to any folder and add libraries as required to folder uniform_server\udrive\usr\lib


Note: It is possible to upgrade Perl by using V5-Nano Perl plugins.

However do not follow the V5 install instructions for the exe files. Instead of copying to folder UniServer, copy them to folder udrive, double click on the downloaded exe, allow to overwrite. Delete the exe to save space.

The zip file instructions are the same.


File name Compressed Uncompressed Comments
V5.0_mini_perl.exe 5.07 MB 16.5 MB Contains Perl core program with a collection of commonly used Perl modules.
V5.0_mini_perl.zip 7.13 MB 16.5 MB Contains Perl core program with a collection of commonly used Perl modules.
V5.0_full_perl.exe 10.6 MB 52.2 MB Contains Perl core program and full set of Perl modules.
V5.0_full_perl.zip 16.0 MB 52.2 MB Contains Perl core program and full set of Perl modules.


File name Compressed Uncompressed Comments
V5.1_mini_perl.exe 5.14 MB 16.9 MB Contains Perl core program with a collection of commonly used Perl modules.
V5.1_mini_perl.zip 7.21 MB 16.9 MB Contains Perl core program with a collection of commonly used Perl modules.
V5.1_full_perl.exe 10.9 MB 54.1 MB Contains Perl core program and full set of Perl modules.
V5.1_full_perl.zip 16.5 MB 54.1 MB Contains Perl core program and full set of Perl modules.

If space is at a premium, Perl users can start with mini-Perl and add modules as required from full-Perl.

Note: Don't mix modules from different versions.

Running Perl scripts

To run Perl scripts

  • Copy your Perl scripts to folder uniform_server\udrive\cgi-bin
  • They can have the file extension .pl or .cgi
  • At the top of each page include the line:
    Make sure there are no characters after perl
  • 4-Mona has a test page to view this type the following into your browser:

Check out New Users: Quick Perl CGI for examples, and Perl CGI Hello World, which is a collection of short scripts, including CGI.pem module.

MySQL Password

  • All passwords, including MySQL, default to root
  • The default MySQL user name is root
  • The MySQL server name is localhost
  • All name/password pairs are set to root root

PHP mail function

If your scripts use PHP’s mail() function, the default settings will not work. There are several ways to resolve this. Check out the PHP mail function page for details.