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The Uniform Server 4-Mona

Known issues and problems

This page contains known issues and problems and, where applicable, their solutions.

Running as a service - Apanel

When running as a service these two menu options do not work: (Located under section Plugin Manager)

  • Restore MySQL password
  • Server Key & Cert Gen

Windows XP and Vista prevent running batch files that require desktop interaction (an OS security enhancement) hence you are prompted by 4-Mona to run these manually:

Restore MySQL password

To restore MySQL password run this file:


Server Key & Cert Gen

To create a new server certificate/key pair and enable SSL run this file:


UniController Multi-Servers

Running multi-servers with UniController only disk-root installation works.

With servers installed in sub-folder (Basic) Unicontroller fails to pick-up unicon.ini

The batch files work correctly.

This applies only to 4.0-Mona; corrected in 4.1-Mona and above.