Installing ionCube

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First thing is that you have to download the program from the loader download page. (.zip) <br /> If still using PHP 5.0.0 - 5.0.2, download the PHP 5 loaders at the end of that page rather than the top ones. Do not download the bottom ones for PHP 5.0.3+!


  1. Uncompress the package using WinZip or any other uncompression software.
  2. Copy the ioncube_loader_win_X.X.dll to your PHP extensions folder. <br /> Note: The X.X stands for your PHP version number!
  3. Navigate to /usr/local/php/ and edit the php.ini file and add this line before any other zend_extension line (there should be none if you have not installed it) <pre><nowiki>zend_extension_ts = /usr/local/php/extensions/ioncube_loader_win_X.X.dll</nowiki></pre> Note: Make sure X.X is the same thing as your PHP version number!


  1. Restart the server.
  2. Copy the ioncube-encoded-file.php file into your /www directory.
  3. Test it and see if it works.