Installing VCalendar - part 2

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Installing VCalendar - part 1 | Installing VCalendar - part 2


VCalendar<br> 3.5-Apollo

How to install VCalendar from UltraApps on 3.5-Apollo.

On the previous page I showed you how to install VCalendar on Uniform Server with the intention of putting it online. That involved making sure the security features were in place however it does not really give you a chance to evaluate the program and have a play.

This page addresses that it uses a default installation of Uniform Server, which is inherently safe, and downloading my cut down (English only) version of VCalendar.

The installation is similar hence I will use the previous installation guide when setting up VCalendar. Main differences are the file you download and password used.


Download my cut down version of VCalendar using this link uc_vcalendar.exe it is a self-extracting archive file.

File: uc_vcalendar.exe size 300 KB <br> MD5: 9d9f968c9f58458f585f924aae000b79

Save this to folder www located *\Uniform Server\udrive\www (where * is your path the the UniServer files)

Start the extraction process by double clicking on the file (uc_vcalendar.exe) when prompted click on Extract that’s it. All the files will have been copied and the folder vcalendar created. To save space you can delete the archive file (uc_vcalendar.exe) or move it somewhere else.



Installation really is easy, VCalendar automatically creates the database and populates it with the required tables. Using a default installation of UniServer you can use the default password and I can be specific with other name and passwords. The following takes you through the installation steps:

<ol> <li> Start Uniform Server using Server_Start.bat <li> Type the following into your browser address bar:<br> <nowiki>http://localhost/vcalendar/</nowiki> <li> A) The page displayed confirms various parameters. All OK means you can continue with installation. <li> B) Click on Start Installation. </ol>

Uc vcalendar install 2.gif

<ol start="5"> <li> C) Leave the default as localhost <li> D) Leave database default name as vcalendar <li> E) Check this box, forces VCalendar to create a new database, also opens the additional text fields as shown. <li> F) Use root as the UserName. <li> G) Use root as the password. <li> H) Use root as the user name. <li> I) Use root as the password. <li> J), k) and L) Is the set-up for Vcalendar's admin account. <li> J) Leave default as admin. <li> K) and L) use fred123 as the password. <li> Click on Submit </ol>

Uc vcalendar install 3.gif

<ol start="16"> <li> M) No need to delete anything. <li> N) Click Start and see VCalendar in action. </ol>

Uc vcalendar install 4.gif



To run or login to VCalendar type the following into your browser address bar:


Please note: The two-drop down menus Pine and English are the only valid values I removed all the other options, the rest of VCalendar is fully functional.

  1. A) Click on the Login link to login as admin or user.
  2. B) Login name is admin password is fred123

Once logged in as admin you will notice across the top menu bar a link named Administration, click on this.

It brings up a new page with all the administration power tools (top menu bar)

Click on configuration and scroll down the page to Page header section (second item from bottom of page) to the right you will see <nowiki><h1>Calendar</h1></nowiki> change this to the name of your personal calendar for example <nowiki><h1>my calendar </h1></nowiki>

Just for fun replace <nowiki><h1>Calendar</h1></nowiki> with <nowiki><h1><img src="../images/logo.jpg">My Calendar</h1> </nowiki>click the Submit button, logout, and you will see the UniServer logo.

Now try the same line in the Page footer

Uc vcalendar install 5.gif



If you view the page source for Pine towards the top you will see this line:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="Styles/Pine/Style.css">

I have highlighted the part that is important, it tells you where to find the style sheet and its name. Now armed with the ability to change the header, footer and style sheet you can tailor VCalendar to your own requirements.

To see this power in action open the file Style.css located in folder <nowiki>*</nowiki>\Uniform Server\udrive\www\vcalendar\Styles\Pine

Change this line from: background-image: url('Images/PageBg.gif'); to background-image: url('Images/PageBg.gif1'); background-color: #00ff00;

The browser will not be able to find the image PageBg.gif1 hence will use the background colour instead.


Both VCalendar and Uniform Server are easy to install, hence it you break both delete the lot and start again. The above quick installation allows you to explore VCalendar’s capabilities in a safe environment. It’s an extremely useful application that you can deploy on the Internet or use solely as a personal calendar.


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