Installing MediaWiki on 8-Coral

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Installing MediaWiki 1.18 on 8-Coral Series


This guide shows how to install MediaWiki on The Uniform Server 8-Coral Series. We will follow MediaWiki's recommendation and use 7-Zip to extract the files, since Windows cannot do this.

  • 7-Zip's download site: [1]
  • Download the latest version and install it.

Download and Extract Mediawiki

  1. Download MediaWiki 1.18.0.tar.gz (or later version) from here and save it to a known location.
  2. Open the downloaded file (mediawiki-1.18.0.tar.gz) with 7-Zip. This will show mediawiki-1.18.0.tar
  3. Extract this to the server root folder UniServer\www, creating mediawiki-1.18.0
  4. Rename the folder mediawiki-1.18.0 to wiki

Start servers

Execute UniServer\Start_as_program.exe to start the Unicontoller panel, and then choose "Start Both" from the panel.

Create the MySQL database and user

Before installing MediaWiki you must create a new MySQL database and user.

  1. From the Unicontroller, select: Server Configuration > MySQL > Create delete Database .
  2. Enter the database name to create; for example wikidb.
  3. Click the "Create Database" button. You can now close this menu.
  4. From the Server Configuration, select: MySQL > Create Restricted MySQL User .
  5. Enter the user name (example: WikiDBU).
  6. Enter password (example: Yusr0936).
  7. Enter the database wikidb (as created above).
  8. Leave all permissions marked and click the "Create User" button. Close this menu.

Wiki Installation

  1. Type the following into your browser address bar:
    This will redirect to the installation page.
  2. Click the link:
    Please set up the wiki first.
    This starts the following configuration sequence.

MediaWiki <version> installation

Your Language: en-English
Wiki Language: en-English

Continue to the next page.

Environmental checks

While you may receive warnings here, there should be no errors. Continue to the next page.

Connect to database

Database type:(radio button) MySQL is selected
Database host: localhost or for Win7.
Database name: wikidb (The name of the database you created.)
Database table prefix: leave blank
DB username: WikiDBU (the new restricted MySQL user account)
DB password confirm: Yusr0936 (the password for the account)

Continue to the next page.

Database settings

Database account for web access:Use the same account as for installation
Storage engine: (radio button) InnoDB
Database character set: (radio button) select UTF-8

Continue to the next page.


Name of Wiki:MediaWiki on Coral (whatever you like)
Project namespace: (radio button) Same as the wiki name
Your name: WikiSysop
Password: admin429 (whatever you like)
Password confirm: admin429 (same as above)
Contact e-mail:
Ask more questions: Selected

Note that the email address must be valid.
Continue to the next page.


User rights profile: (radio button) select Traditional wiki
Copyright and license: (radio button) select No license footer
Enable outbound e-mail: Checked
Return e-mail address: (e-mail of WikiSysop)
Enable user-to-user e-mail: Unchecked
Enable user talk page notification:Unchecked
Enable watchlist notification:Unchecked
Enable e-mail authentication: Checked
Extensions: All unchecked
Enable file uploads: Checked
Settings for object caching: (radio button) select APC

Continue to the next page.


Finally, all questions are answered. Please note the warning concerning the $wgSecretKey and $wgUpgradeKey.

Click Continue


This last installation page triggers off a download of LocalSettings.php, which is the static, non-database portion of the configuration. This must be saved to folder *\UniServer\www\wiki.

You can now access your wiki by clicking the "enter your wiki" link on the "Complete!" page, or by typing the following into your browser address bar: http://localhost/wiki/


If you want a portable version of MediaWiki, copy the folder UniServer and all its content to your USB memory stick. Don’t expect fantastic speeds, but it is usable.

The Uniform Server uses the standard ports (Apache port 80 and MySQL port 3306). If a host PC is currently running another program on these ports, this will prevent The Uniform Server from running. To resolve this situation, either stop the other program or better yet move The Uniform Server to different ports by using the MultiServers button.

MySQL Security

This installation guide is intended to get the application up and running purely for testing. The configuration options should be reviewed if you are intending to put the application online. Be sure to read any security advice from MediaWiki and check their web site. Specifically, you may be interested in reading MediaWiki's Manual:Security articles.

More importantly, the above installation is a security risk if put online as is. It is imperative that you secure the MySQL server before putting your servers online. Please read MySQL Security and restrict the privileges for any user who has connection access to your server.

Among other things, be sure you created a restricted MySQL user limited only to the MediaWiki database. If you used "root" to do the installation, be sure to substitute the restricted user and password for "root" in the LocalSettings.php file.