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CRON - Configuration detail

This page adds more detail to the basic Cron page. It covers additional user configuration and paths to appropriate files.

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User Cron script-configuration

Generally there is no need to edit the Cron script! However there is a user configuration section where you can disable logging or change the basic tick rate.

Open file: UniServer\uni_con\cron\run_cron.vbs
Locate this section:

'*** User configuration *******************************************************

 logging   = true           'true = Enable logging false = disable logging
 cron_time = 60             'Set cron time (tick) in seconds. Default 60=1 Min
 cron_loop = cron_time      'Set equal allows immediate first time run

'*************************************************** End User configuration ***

Changing cron_time also changes the resolution time. Sixty seconds is a good compromise and ideal for testing scripts and running a production server.

Test Scripts

Three test files have been included and pre-configured in Cron’s configuration file. Each is a simple command-line script creating a text file when run.

  • UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_1.bat File created: UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_1_result.txt
  • UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_2.vbs File created: UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_2_result.txt
  • UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_3.php File created: UniServer\uni_con\cron\cron_test\test_cron_3_result.txt


Where to next

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