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Admin Panel 2


Click this link to login into phpMyBackup Pro. This is a very easy to use MySQL backup application. You can create and restore backups at any time. It also has the facility to schedule backups, hence there is no excuse not to make a backup.

Login requires your MySQL username and password (defaults are root and root). Remember to change your MySQL root password using MySQL server configuration.

The next time you login. use the new password.


PhpMybackupPro has what I would define as an interesting little security feature. It assumes you will only ever change your MySQL root password once (well that's how it appears to me).

It is neither a design flaw or bug more a lack of a crystal ball. Let me explain. When phpMyBackupPro is set-up it requires your MySQL root password not only to access the server but also to login.

Now let's say you change your MySQL root password using phpMyAdmin and then try to login to phpMyBackupPro. Of course you will be rejected if using the new password. So you log in using the old password. No problem, however you receive this error message:

MySQL data is not correct!

This is because phpMyBackupPro is using the old password to access your MySQL server. To resolve this, click on phpMyBackupPro’s configuration tab and enter the new MySQL root password. Then click on save data. The next time you login, use the new password and everything will work.


Locked out

It is an excellent piece of software but it does not like to be hacked around. If it detects something amiss with its configuration file, it makes corrections and overwrites it. Now, if for whatever reason you have done something silly, it is possible to get locked out.

A classic lockout situation is password inconsistencies. (OK, I confess that I just could not remember the password I was using.) I found this by using MySQL Server Configuration in apanel and made sure that phpMyAdmin could access the MySQL sever. So the server was working right. I was just locked out of phpMyBackupPro.

No problem. I opened the file: global_conf.php, located in folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\phpMyBackupPro, I went down to the line $CONF['sql_passwd']="idiot"; and change the password from idiot (or whatever) to the new password and I was able to access phpMyBackupPro.

Note: For security reasons, the password file is located outside of your public web server’s root directory (www).

The real problem

Until the code can be corrected (requiring a version change), when you run into this problem and get locked out, at least now you know where to look.


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