Admin Panel 2: eAccelerator cPanel

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Admin Panel 2

eAccelerator cPanel

Enabled by default eAccelerator is a PHP accelerator that compiles scripts and saves them to a memory cache. The control panel allows you to view cached information and control its operation.

eAccelerator logs data to the Apache log file you may wish to turn this facility off see Error log viewer for details.


Note: eAccelerator dumps "hits" as well as errors to this log file resulting in a build up of data and to some extent masks real errors hence it has been disabled as default.

If you are trying to resolve issues that you believe are cause by eAccelerator you can temporarily enable error checking.

How to enable eAccelerator logging open file php.ini located in folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\php

Change the line shown in bold and set the value to 1:

[eaccelerator] extension=eaccelerator.dll
eaccelerator.debug = 0
;Local Variables:
;tab-width: 4

  • eaccelerator.debug = 0 Disable logging
  • eaccelerator.debug = 1 Enable logging

If you are running on a USB stick its a good idea to have it disabled.


Initial Page

Below is an image showing part of eAccelerator's cPanel note the action buttons.

Uc us eaccelerator.gif


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