30-second WAMP server setup

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The following tutorial will get you fully set-up with a 100% pre-configured WAMP web server and shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds. No tinkering with INI files, no configuring anything. This is perfect for the web novice or amateur who wants to begin working with HTML, PHP or MySQL without having to delve into the confusing realm of configuring web servers, databases, and PHP interpreters.

What you need to get started:

Ok, let’s get started!

Set up the web server:

  1. Download the Uniform Server to your desktop. (The Uniform Server is a free open source project which combines pre-configured versions of the Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting language)
  2. Double-click the .EXE file to extract it
  3. Open up the Uniform Server folder, and double-click Server_Start.bat
  4. A web page will open up showing your web server control panel.

That’s it – your web server is running! To see your web page, type http://localhost into your browser’s address bar. You will see the default web page, which simply shows the Uniform Server logo.

This demonstrates that the web server is working and serving web pages. You can turn on the MySQL server or shut down the web server using the control panel, which is found by typing http://localhost/a/ into your browser's address bar.

The web page files are located in the following folder \Uniform Server\diskw\www. You can start customizing the index.html page and other web pages now.