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Download either of the following files:
Download either of the following files:

[http://sourceforge.net/projects/uniformserver/files/Plugins/Uniform%20Server%205-Nano%20Pugins/Webalizer%20stats/Webalizer_1_0.exe/download Webalizer_1_0.exe]
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Plugins/Uniform%20Server%205-Nano%20Pugins/Webalizer%20stats/Webalizer_1_0.exe/download Webalizer_1_0.exe]


[http://sourceforge.net/projects/uniformserver/files/Plugins/Uniform%20Server%205-Nano%20Pugins/Webalizer%20stats/Webalizer_1_0.zip/download Webalizer_1_0.zip]
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Plugins/Uniform%20Server%205-Nano%20Pugins/Webalizer%20stats/Webalizer_1_0.zip/download Webalizer_1_0.zip]

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Webalizer Server Stastics 5-Nano


Webalizer is a fast application that generates server statistics from Apache’s access log file.

Analysis results are converted into standard WebPages with data presented in both text and graphical format.


Download either of the following files:






Webalizer has been packaged in two file formats the “exe” is a 7z self-extracting archive while the “zip” archive requires manual extraction.

Depending on the file format choose one of the following installation methods:


  • Copy Webalizer_1_0.exe to folder UniServer. To extract double click on file.
  • When challenged allow overwriting. To save space delete Webalizer_1_0.exe.


  • Create a new temporary folder and copy Webalizer_1_0.zip to it.
  • Extract all files to this current folder.
  • Navigate to folder named Webalizer_1_0
  • Copy the entire contents of this folder to the UniServer folder.
  • When challenged allow overwriting.
  • To save space you can delete the above temporary folder.

Folder structure

UniServer\docs\Read_me_webalizer.txt - This file
UniServer\htpasswd\webalizer\.htpasswd - Name password file
UniServer\webalizer - Main Webalizer folder
UniServer\webalizer\server_statistics - Calculated statistics and images


Apache configuration

If using Uniform Server 5.4-Nano skip this section.

  • Edit file: UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf
  • Locate the “Alias /apanel” block. Add the following block just below it.
 Alias /webalizer "C:/Nano_5_4/UniServer/webalizer/"
 <Directory "C:/Nano_5_4/UniServer/webalizer/">
   Options Indexes Includes
   AllowOverride All
   Order allow,deny
   Allow from all

Note: Change the first two lines so the paths to folder UniServer matches those in the “Alias /apanel” block


View Server Statistics locally

View server statistics locally as follows.

  1. Start servers
  2. Type the following into a browser: http://localhost/webalizer/
  3. After a short time a page is displayed showing what actions Webalizer performed.
  4. Click link "Server Statistics" or wait ten seconds to be directed to statistics pages.
Note 1: Default installation of Webalizer allows only local access this
prevents users viewing server statistics online.
Note 2: Internet address at step 2) forces a recalculation of statistics.
To bypass this recalcuation use the following address:


View Server Statistics online

To view your server statistics online edit the following file:


Comment the following three lines as shown below.

 #Order Deny,Allow
 #Deny from all
 #Allow from

The above allows Internet and Intranet access.


Restrict access

If you wish to view your server statistics online and prevent other users from

viewing them restrict access by enabling name/password access as follows:

Edit file: UniServer\webalizer\.htaccess

Uncomment the following four lines as shown below.

 AuthName "Uniform Server - Webalizer Access"
 AuthType Basic
 AuthUserFile ../../../htpasswd/webalizer/.htpasswd
 Require valid-user

Change name and password.

Edit file: UniServer\htpasswd\webalizer\.htpasswd

Name password pairs have the folloing format: name:password

Default is root:root



Webalizer Multi Languages