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Sorry for not replying on IRC yesterday. I was down with a flu and wasn't at the PC.

I'm feeling better now, but haven't fully recovered.

Btw, are you going to fix the mod_dav config in Uniform Server 3.3 Final?

--MrX 16:32, 13 December 2005 (PST)

Beta LiveSession Logs

Olajide: I've tried every method I could think of to get the Beta LiveSession Logs posted, tried using <pre> and <nowiki> or a combination of both or none of them, I also tried modifying the log. I removed all the <>(s) that looked like HTML / Wiki tags, I even tried removing the square brackets around the timestamp. Breaking the log into 2 didn't work as well. The error I get is:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in 
/home/uniforms/public_html/wiki/includes/normal/ on line 11

I'll be back from church in about 2 or 3 hrs. Btw, what happened to the Beta Center?

--MrX 04:04, 9 December 2005 (PST)

Come on IRC, plz :( --MrX

Do you think it'll be a good idea to remove users who didn't specify a valid email address?


Yes, if you have time to varify them :)

--Olajide 09:33, 12 Apr 2005 (EDT)

FileZilla FTPd

I was tired of all those stupid errors and decided to install a newer version of FileZilla Server and Client with the official installer.

My observations:

1) It doesn't work with W:\ (Subst Drive), when I tried to upload a
file, an infinite loop occured. I was uploading the file over and
over again and upon each upload the Client would ask me if I wanted
to overwrite the original file. The file still counld't be found
in the Directory List.

2) I tried it with a folder in D:\ (Local Drive), I couldn't view
the Directory List until I uploaded a file!

My conclusions:

1) FileZilla FTPd is a very buggy FTP Server (or maybe it has lots of
hidden features)

2) It doesn't work with Subst Drives.

For now, let's just stick with Good Old SlimFTPd ;)



so are you saying that it worked with the D:/ drive? I tried it with my other drive but i do not think it worked... I will test it with me C:/ drive when i get home.

--Olajide 07:17, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Come on IRC plz.. --MrX

I'll be your proxy just give me a port :x --MrX

Are you still there or has the next class started? --MrX