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Name: Mike Gleaves<br>Location: Cambridge England UK </div>

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A quick thank you

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the Uniform Server team for hosting this site. They have imposed no restrictions or censorship hence the views and opinions expressed on this site are my personal ones and do not reflect those of the Uniform Server team in any way. I will endeavour to be unbiased and be critical may even upset the design team. (Mike Gleaves 21-6-2006)

Well that banner has been on UniCenter for so long and the sentiments remain true. I have been asked several times why I do not publish on Uniform Server’s Wiki? The answer is simple, if the site were ever pulled I would have just published it somewhere else.

After nearly two years the site has grown out of control and becoming difficult to manage. The lack of a search facility has become a hindrance hence I have conceded and decided to publish new material on the Wiki.

What will be moved

Some of the older material where appropriate I will move over and update. Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo will be given priority it’s a large commitment and will take time.


I am still learning how to use this Wiki and what limitations it imposes, discovered while updating this page CSS background images are not allowed. Most restrictions are imposed because of potential security issues a Wiki by its nature is open with the majority of pages being editable by Wiki members. Open access precludes running Java scripts and raw HTML hence some of UniCenter's pages are not directly transferable. Its not a major problem just means a few modifications will be required.


Most of my write-ups include downloadable examples to accommodate this practice on the Wiki Olajide has provided a secure download area. Downloadable files are mostly 7Z self-extracting archive files, pages that provide a download link include a corresponding MD5 check-sum these pages are editable only by WikiSysop’s. Make sure a file downloaded matches its MD5 I use winMd5Sum Portable from Portable Apps.

Please note I do my best to make sure any downloads do not contain malicious content or viruses however run these downloads at your own risk. Do not be complacent regarding security run downloaded files through a virus scanner and make sure corresponding check-sum matches. Report any security issues or problems immediately so they can be quickly addressed.

All the best Mike Gleaves<br> (Forum & Wiki - Ric) </div> <div style="height:40px;background:#dfdfdf">&nbsp;</div>

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