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UniCD = Uniform Server on CD-ROM


CD Part 1

Introduces techniques required to convert Uniform Server to run from a CD. Highlights files which pose a problem these contain functions that require read/write access. These are modified to produce a working example no frills check out Part 1

CD Part 2

The example in Part 1 although functional is a one way process Part 2 introduces the concept of file switching which greatly enhances the plugins functionality. Concludes with a down loadable plugin USCD1.

CD Part 3

Part 3 highlights problems with plugin USCD1. Proposes an alternative solution to file switching and introduces Perl commands (instructions) that will be used in a new plugin USCD2.

CD Part 4

Part 4 consolidates all the ideas to produce something resembling a usable plugin. You can download plugin USCD2 this provides a reasonable starting point that you can tailor to your own application.

CD Part 5

Part 5 Introduce components required to provide a complete CD solution.

CD Part 6

Part 6 Looks at making the CD independent of an host PC's browser. It also shows how to host several sites on the same CD.