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Stunnel Upgrade v 4.24
Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo

If you wish you can skip this page and go straight to the Install page, the following provides a general method for performing an upgrade of Stunnel.

Why Upgrade?

For security reasons upgrading Stunnel needs to be done periodically this section shows one procedure for doing this. It’s a bit convoluted but the logical steps should result in a working system.There are two main elements Stunnel and the SSL libraries (provided by two separate open source projects). The two projects are primarily Unix orientated and these guys like to generate their own binaries, it is second nature to them and totally alien to Windows users.

However the nice chaps at Stunnel have pre-complied binaries including a matching set of OpenSSL Libraries (these look a little dated). I decided to look at an alternative set of binaries for OpenSSL these were included with Apache 2.2.8 and seem compatible.

The final upgrade:

  • Stunnel 4.24
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8g


Create a new folder in *\UniformServer\udrive\home\admin\www\plugins named stunnel_424. Inside this folder create a folder named bin.

Note: Folder names should reflect the version you are upgrading to, this helps with maintainence. I am assuming your are upgrading from Stunnel 4.05 to Stunnel 4.24 future upgrades will be similar!


Obtain the new binaries


Our first port of call is to the Stunnel web site to pick up the latest version of Stunnel, this is currently stunnel-4.24-installer.exe save this to a temporary folder.

The file downloaded needs to be installed, start the process by double clicking on the file downloaded. Accept the defaults, this installs a program named Stunnel in the folder C:\Program Files\stunnel

Go to this folder and copy the following files into folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\plugins\stunnel_424\bin:

  • libeay32.dll
  • libssl32.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • stunnel.exe Rename this to stunnel_424.exe

Note 1: We no longer require the Stunnel program, use Windows Add or Remove Programs to delete it.


Our second port of call is to Apache Org where you can pick up the latest version of Apache currently 2.2.8 download "Win32 Binary including OpenSSL 0.9.8g (MSI Installer): apache_2.2.8-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8g.msi"

The file downloaded needs to be installed, start the process by double clicking on the file downloaded. Accept the defaults and add dummy info when requested, this installs Apache to the following location C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\ do not run.

Open the Apache2.2 bin folder and copy the following files to folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\plugins\stunnel_424\bin:

Note: When prompted let the newer file overwrite the older version. (This generally works)

  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll
  • openssl.exe
  • zlib1.dll

Tip: Copy folder Apache2.2 and all its content to a different location and keep for future reference.

Note 1: We no longer require Apache use Windows Add or Remove Programs to delete it.

Note 2: We now have a set of new Stunnel and OpenSLL binaries.


Additional files

The above outlines a general procedure for upgrading both sets of binaries. With the above in place you need a few extra files copy these over to the folders shown in bold. I have included these with the full upgrade download.

stunnel_424 bin Uniform Server




Open each file and search for 424 replace with the number you are upgrading to. This changes both folder and executable names to your new version.

As I mentioned above this page is intended to show you how to perform a general upgrade of Stunnel. When I upgraded Uniform Server to Stunnel 4.24 several files had to be extensively modified these modifications require additional support files.

Being a major upgrade you can download the full upgrade to Stunnel 4.24 see next page for details.


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