SSL Part 1: Apache Upgrade

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MPG UniCenter

SSL Part 1: Home | Apache Upgrade | mod_ssl Install | httpd.conf | ssl.conf | Key & Certificate |

Apache Upgrade

If you wish you can skip this page and go straight to mod_ssl Install page it includes the binaries covered by this page.

The following provides a general method of obtaining binaries for use with Uniform Server. Strictly speaking it’s not an up-grade however the technique is required when you do.

Apache distribute their binaries as a complete installable package (uses the msi installer) hence to get access to the binaries Apache must first be installed it’s a shame they do not provide a zip file alternative.

Where to get the binaries

All binaries are obtainable from Apache Project - Apache HTTP Server

  • If your are up-grading the latest binaries can be found on this page: Download Site
  • We are interested in up-grading Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo to mod ssl however this is an older version of Apache which can be found in Apache's archive Win32.


Create a new folder anywhere you like named apache_binaries we will use this later.


Obtain the new binaries

  • Goto the Archive Site
  • Download file apache_2.0.59-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.7j.msi
  • Save in folder apache_binaries

Install Apache

The file downloaded needs to be installed:

  1. Run the installer, double click on apache_2.0.59-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.7j.msi
  2. At the copyright warning click next
  3. Check I accept and click next
  4. Read this first Click next
  5. Server information add some dummy info as follows:
      select all
      users (radio button)
      click next
  6. Click Typical (radio buttton) click next
  7. Accept destination folder:
      c:\Program Files\Apache Group\
      Click Next
  8. Click Install
  9. If challenged allow all to act as a server
  10. Click Finish
  11. Go to folder C:\Program Files\Apache Group and copy folder Apache2 and all its content to apache_binaries.
  12. Goto Add/Remove programs and remove Apache HTTP Server 2.0.59

You now have a set of Apache binaries you can use, keep these for future reference.

Note 1: The Apache installer is no longer required you may wish to delete this to save space.



The above outlines a general procedure for obtaining Apache binaries. You can use these to up-grade Uniform Server perhaps there is a module you need not included with Uniform Server now you have a method for obtaining these.

I required all elements associated with mod ssl these I have included with my download mod_ssl Install.


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