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Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo known bugs or issues.


Bug fix corrects drive letter

File: config.inc.php Location: *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\includes

Problem: In vary rare situations the environment variable “Disk” is not passed to PHP. In this event the script calculates its own path and extracts and uses this disk letter. Unfortunately there is a bug that produces an incorrect drive letter.

Unfortunately my original fix introduced a problem when installing Uniform Server as a service. The following fixes both problems:


Replace this section of code (around line 26):
$drive = $_ENV['Disk'] . ":";
if($drive == ":"){ 
 $path = realpath(dirname($_SERVER['config.inc.php'])); 
 $pathArray = explode("\\",$path); 

With this version:
$drive = $_ENV['Disk'] . ":";
if($drive == ":"){ 
  $path = realpath(dirname($_SERVER['config.inc.php'])); 
  $pathArray = explode("\\home",$path); 
  $drive="$pathArray[0]"; //drive letter and any sub-folders 
  $drive=str_replace("\\","/",$drive); //change backslash to forward slash

It splits the path at the "home" folder boundary hence the drive will include all sub-folders.


Download this file config.inc.php.txt save it as config.inc.phps copy to folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\includes.

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Proposed solution

See above.


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