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Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo known bugs or issues.

{Please note: all modifications in this section have been incorporated into Uniform Server 4-Mona. These have been fully tested on XP, Vista Home and Ultimate.} If you use Series 4-Mona, you can bypass all these pages.

The Uniform Server is a very robust piece of kit. As usual, with the passage of time, several bugs have come to light. I thought it worthwhile locating these in one place with proposed solutions. This section pulls in information from the forum and includes my findings.

I am retesting code as I move material over to the Wiki. I noticed that I tend to automatically change batch files to fix their current working directory to the folder they are located in (Ref: Working directory). I consider these enhancements and not bug fixes, however for completeness, I decided to include these. If the changes cause problems, they are easily removed.

The solutions are unofficial and have been tested only on Windows XP-Home. You can give these a try, preferably on a clean installation of The Uniform Server.

1) Server_Start.bat

For disk_start.vbs to work correctly batch variable %2 must be reinstated and checked.

The third parameter %3 (Console) seems to be redundant no idea what it’s original purpose was. When run it just leaves the command prompt open, which is of little use. Proposal let this open a command prompt accessing the MySQL bin folder will allow command line control of the MySQL server using mysql.exe and mysqladmin.exe.

Proposed solution covers the above in addition I have added comments, generally cleaned up the script and changed the order of the commands slightly.

2) Stop.bat

This proposed enhancement technically is not required for stopping a single process however it puts in place a structure if you wish to stop additional processes.

Proposed Enhancement

3) disk_start.vbs

This is a beta script and contains a known bug even after correction the script will not work unless parameter %2 is reinstated see above.

Proposed solution , correct the bug, add an enhancement to auto detect first free drive letter and add an option to run a command prompt see section 1) above.

4) Close.bat

This script shuts down the MySQL server and removes virtual drive created. When MySQL root password is changed this script fails to pick it up and server remains running.

Proposed solution change code to pick up password.

5) config.inc.php

In vary rare situations the environment variable “Disk” is not passed to PHP. In this event the script calculates its own path and extracts the disk letter. Unfortunately a bug in the script produces an incorrect drive letter.

Proposed solution change code to extract correct drive letter.

6) Apanel blown away

In php.ini turning off “short open tags” blows apanel away, sounds alarming! It is re-enabling short open tags does not reinstate apanel.

Proposed solution Edit all files associated with apanel replace all occurrences of short tags with long tags.

7) w2c1.pl

This scripts installs Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo as a service one of its functions is to convert relative paths to absolute. Some files get missing in this process.

Proposed solution correct file.

8) Perl library modules

Some Perl modules are incompatible with the Perl executable.

Proposed solution update all Perl modules.

9) Apanel Browser Failed to Connect

In certain situations apanel not initially displayed resulting in a browser error message “Failed to Connect” after a short delay clicking try again resolves this.

Proposed solution add delay loop.

Dedicated Drive

The servers can be run on any read/write device (Hard disk, USB stick) from it’s top level (root). Eliminates the need for a Virtual drive requires two new batch files hdusb_server_start.bat and hdusb_server_stop.bat

Proposed Enhancement for details.

Combined bug fix

All the above fixes and enhancements have been zipped to a single file to make the update easier check this page for details.

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