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<p style="margin: 2.5em 0 0 3%; font-size: 125%; line-height: 1.3"> <b>Welcome to The Uniform Server's Wiki System!</b> </p> <p style="margin:0 0 0 3%;font-size:94%"> We currently have 537 articles online. <br /> For newcomers, please read the Server Introduction.<br /> Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines on adding articles to this wiki system.</p> <br /> <br /> <!-- Very Lame Hack to get the Table Width Corrent -->

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The Uniform Server Development Status

Series ZeroXIII (13): 100% A redesign, with interchangeable parts. Many times we have been asked how to change out just one module, so that PHP can be regressed, for example. That has not been possible until now. With Series ZeroXI-III, The Uniform Server allows the "jigsaw puzzle" of WAMP to have the parts replaced as you desire, or to keep the parts up-to-date. You can also install modules that are developmental versions for testing.

Plug-In Development Status

Server Side Plugins

Admin Side Plugins

Future Development List


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Current Release

Current Production Version is Uniform Server 13.3.2-ZeroXIII, released February 06, 2017.

This is a Modular system. You will likely want to download specific modules to add to it. These are at Uniform Server ZeroXIII modules.

Did you know...

  • ...that there are several application plugins available for The Uniform Server?
  • ...that you can install The Uniform Server without getting any dust on your pc or in your registry?