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β†’β€ŽIn the Wiki news: Update to ZeroXI 11.7.7
===In the Wiki news===
* '''''Current ZeroXI Production Version''''' '''is [ The Uniform Server 11.7.67-ZeroXI]''', released May 19June 12, 2015.
'''Changes in this release:'''
*Updated ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_4_6_1.exe to ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_4_9.exe
*Updated ZeroXI_php_5_4_41.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_4_42.exe
*Updated ZeroXI_mysql_5_5_43.exe to ZeroXI_mysql_5_5_44.exe
Modules (Plugins):Added above modules and the following:*Updated ZeroXI_controller_1_3_0 ZeroXI_php_5_5_25.exe to ZeroXI_controller_1_3_1 bug fixZeroXI_php_5_5_26.exe*Updated ZeroXI_php_5_6_9.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_6_10.exe'''Note:''' To update 11*Updated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_4_41.7exe to ZeroXI_php_nts_5_4_42.5 ZeroXI:exe*Download ZeroXI_controller_1_3_1Updated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_5_25.exe, save to a temp folderZeroXI_php_nts_5_5_26.exe*Double click downloaded fileUpdated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_6_9. This extracts all filesexe to ZeroXI_php_nts_5_6_10. exe*From the temp/UniServerZ folder copy file UniControllerUpdated ZeroXI_palemoon_25_4_1.exe to your 11ZeroXI_palemoon_25_5_0.7exe*Updated ZeroXI_mariadb_5_5_43.5 ZeroXI installationexe to ZeroXI_mariadb_5_5_44.exe

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