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β†’β€ŽIn the Wiki news: Update to ZeroXI 11.1.0
===In the Wiki news===
* '''''Current ZeroXI Production Version''''' '''is [ The Uniform Server]''', released March 722, 2014.
Be aware that this is a '''Modular''' system, and that you will likely want to download specific modules to add to it. These are at '''[ The Uniform Server ZeroXImodules]'''.
* '''''Current Coral Production Version''''' '''is [ The Uniform Server 8.9.2-Coral]''', released August 23, 2013
**Apache 2.4.6 - Built with OpenSSL 1.0.1e
**MySQL 5.5.33-community
**'''PHP 5.4.19 OpenSSL 1_0_1e <-- Updated'''
**phpMyAdmin 4.0.5
**Go-Pear 1.1.6 - Preinstalled
**APC 3.1.14
**eAccelerator 1.0-GIT
**Zend OpCache 7.0.2
**OpenSSL 1.0.1c
**Xdebug 2.2.3
**ActivePerl via Installer
**Cron - Scheduler
**DtDNS - IP address updater
**db_backup - Database back-up

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