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Coral_8.0.0 installations should upgrade to a later version, at least 8.1.2.
'''Series 7-Orion: 100'''% [[5.3-Nano: Introduction | '''Support Material''']]<br />
This version is still current and under maintenance, but no new features will be added.
'''Future:'''<br />
Cleanup, resolving errors and omissions in Standard maintenance for 8-Coral, and standard maintenancerelease of Series Zero. :-)
'''Stable, but with outdated components:'''<br />
'''Series 7-Orion: 100'''% [[5.3-Nano: Introduction | '''Support Material''']]<br />This version is no longer under maintenance. Version 4.5-Mona: '''100'''% [[Old:4.0-Mona: Introduction | '''Support Material''']]<br />
Version 5.7-Nano: '''100'''% [[5.0-Nano: Introduction | '''Support Material''']]<br />

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