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β†’β€ŽIn the Wiki news: Update with UniServer Zero note.
===In the Wiki news===
* '''''Current Coral Production Version''''' '''is [ The Uniform Server 8.8.6-Coral]''', released June 18, 2013
**Apache 2.4.4 - Built with OpenSSL 0.9.8y
**db_backup - Database back-up
*'''Coral-Mini''Current Zero Production Version' has been updated'''' '''is [http://sourceforge. This is a tiny package consisting of only Apache and some helper net/projects/miniserver/files/UniServer%20Zero/ The UniServer Zero 10. Its primary purpose is to create a simple fully portable CGI platform1. There is also a CGI tutorial0]''', released June 28, which explains exactly how to create CGI-based content. It starts with [[CGI:_Introduction| the Introduction]]. 2013

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