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MySQL That Extra Database

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== Extra database ==
After creating a new user with access to only one database, you discover to your horror that there's an extra database , named information_schema. You try to remove it to no avail what . What is it and has your system been compromised.?
=== No threat ===
Relax ; it poses no threats the . The information schema is a comprehensible, rich source of metadata. It was first introduced in MySQL 5.0.02? (Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo current version is MySQL 5.0.41)or thereabouts. MySQL automatically populates the database.
=== Current user only ===
=== Read only ===
It does not support addition, deletion or modification of data. Direct manipulation of the data contained within it is out of bounds , so do not even think about it unless you really do know what you are doing.
=== Stable ===
You can’t remove it so use it.
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