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Htaccess: Prevent Directory Listing

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'''Prevent Folder (Directory) listing'''
I find some times Sometimes I use the term folder and at other times directory ; these are interchangeable and mean the same thing , so forgive me when I do this.
If you have read the [Htaccess: Site error documents | site error documents page]] you will have created a folder named '''error'''. Type the following into your browser address bar : '''<nowiki>http://localhost/errors/</nowiki>''' and you will be greeted with a full listing of its content (folders and files).
Try it on any folder that does not contain any one of the following pages:
:* index.html, index.shtml, index.html.var
:* index.htm, index.php3, index.php
:*, index.cgi
and you will receive a listing of its contents , as would anyone on the internet.
You may or may not find this a desirable this response. This page shows you how to prevent this listing.
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== htaccess commands ==
There is only a single command to learn:
'''IndexIgnore <nowiki>*</nowiki>'''
This prevents listing of all the files, ; the * is a wildcard that matches all files
You can be selective and state the file types you do not want listed. Again the wildcard matches all files, ; in this example all gif and jpg image files are targeted and will not be displayed. While , while all others will be displayed.
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== Personalise index page listings ==
If you are not going to prevent folder listings , consider personalising the page displayed.
You can personalise the index pages listed by adding a header and footer. This requires either one of two files placed in the folder with the .htaccess file as follows:
{|cellpadding="4" cellspacing="4"
This is just a text file containing something like this:
'''<nowiki><h1>Power of .htaccess</h1></nowiki>'''
'''''Note'':''' You can insert any regular HTML tag. They These are not complete HTML pages , just snippets that are included.
Again this is a text file that uses any regular HTML tag , for example:
'''<nowiki><h1>More Power of htaccess</h1>'''</nowiki><br>
'''<nowiki><p>Why! The the name README and not FOOTER , I have no idea</p></nowiki>'''
'''''Note'':''' You can insert any regular HTML tag. They These are not complete HTML pages , just snippets that are included.
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