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Adding Articles

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== Register First ==
Due to a few scummy spammers, we have been required to implement a registration requirement before you are allowed to edit or add articles. The registration requires a '''valid''' e-mail address, so you can confirm your legitimacy. That may imply that spammers are illegitimate....
== What to add ==
When adding articles, you have to consider who the article is for and if it relates to The Uniform Server. All articles we feel do not relate to the server will be put under removal voting.
== What not to add ==
# Do not add anything you feel is not appropriate for this wiki.
# This wiki is not a place for you to post links of to your site.
# No sex related content unless it relates to the server, and I do not see how that does.
# No content that may be inappropriate for children of all ages.
== How to name articles ==
Naming articles on this wiki is something I we take seriously. If you are writing an article on how to install something, you have to name the article something like <pre>Installing <product-name></pre> ''Note: replace the <product-name> with the name of the software.''
If you are writing an article on something else, you can send an email to [] with a brief description on the contents of the article and we will tell you the appropriate name.

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