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Mini Servers: Apache 2.2.9 Portable

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This write-up shows how to install, configure Apache 2.2.9 and to minimise the risk of unauthorized access.
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== Specification ==
The server has the following specification:
* Server shall must be portable.
* Only static HTML pages shall be served.
* The server shall will log all web requests.
* All unused modules shall be disabled.
The specification dictates using the minimum number of Apache (2.2.9) modules. You may be interested in the final disk size for such a solution, surprisingly . Surprisingly its only 1MB for a server meeting our specification.
Don’t be deceived by the size! It is a fully functioning production server. I have removed complexity to highlight security issues.
Take the last line of the specification; it states only modules required shall be installed. This increases security, ; any unused but installed modules have the capability to interact with others. It requires only one security vulnerability in any one of these unused modules to put the whole system at risk. Knowing our functionality requirements allows a list of required modules to be prepared and to exclude all unused modules.
In terms of security , always ask the question , do we need that module if ? If not , don’t install it. The same argument applies to any other software, . \if its not required uninstall it.
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== Modules ==
|Associates the requested filename's extensions with the file's behavior (handlers and filters) and content (mime-type, language, character set and encoding) Note without this module the file will be served as plain text. DefaultType text/plain
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== Configuring Apache ==
A word of caution although . Although the server is very secure it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent. Added to this a real problem of running on a machine populated with other software this increases the security risk. It requires only one security vulnerability in any of these programs to compromise the whole system.
''Try not to be over paranoid with security issues then again do not be complacent. No single site on the Internet and that includes this one can ever cover all security issues. My personal advice is to get out there and research the subject, seek out what the professionals advise.''
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=== Access control ===
Each time a module is added Apache’s configuration file increases in complexity. Our minimalist solution reduces this complexity while still harnessing the power of Apache to great effect. Now take another look at that access control block, encapsulated in such a small space are very powerful control features. I have only scratched the surface of this block, for detailed information go to Apache’s web site. The real point I am trying to make, for this server, '''implementing security is clean neat and visible'''.
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== Support files ==
Download this server from SourceForge [ Project Page] save the file '''mini_server_1.exe''' to any folder of your choice.
'''''Note'':''' Check out the mini server's [[Mini Servers: Support and download|support and download page]] , detailing how to obtain full binaries for Apache.
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=== Extract files ===
Double click on mini_server_1.exe, starts the extraction process. No need to change the folder destination, click . Click extract, ; this creates a new folder '''mini_server_1''' containing two files and one folder.
# '''server_start.bat''' - Double click to start the server
# '''udrive''' - Folder containing server and your web site.
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=== Test ===
# Stop the server by double clicking on '''server_stop.bat'''
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== Change Virtual Drive ==
You can override this in one of two ways:
# Start the server using a drive parameter , for example: '''server_start.bat z''' this . This forces the server to use drive z
# Edit server_start.bat, locate the following line:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;'''rem set Disk=w''' <br>Remove the rem and replace w with the letter you want to use for example:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;'''set Disk=x'''&nbsp; Forces the server to use drive letter x
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== Change server default port ==
If port already in use try any value above 2000
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== Multi Servers ==
If you wish to run several mini servers at the same time , create a new folder for each server and copy contents of mini_server_1 into each of these.
Change the server port for each server to be unique. The servers may be started in any order.
'''''Note'':''' You can run the mini servers alongside The Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo however you must start The Uniform Server first. '''''[[#top | Top]]'''''
== Your web site ==
Open the folder www located in folder '''*mini_server_1\udrive\www''' (Note : * is the path to the folder you extracted the server files) delete everything in '''www''' and copy your site into it.
'''''Note'':''' Make sure one of your pages in folder www is named '''index.php''', '''index.html''' or '''index.htm''', otherwise you will need to type a page name in every time to access your site.
e.g. <nowiki>http://localhost:8081/somepage.html</nowiki>
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== Putting the server on-line ==
If connected to the Internet by a router to put the server on-line you need to forward port 8081 (or the port you have chosen to run the server on).
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== Summary ==
Don’t be deceived by this mini server's size, remember its it's powered by Apache and very secure. For a quick test I loaded UniCenter and put the server on-line.
I was surprised at how fast it was. One In oOne final test I could not resist, I dumped the entire server straight onto a USB memory stick and put that on-line. The speed was slightly slower, note but I was using a cheapo memory stick. I was more than impressed with this dynamic duo . Apache and The Uniform Server's method of portability make an excellent basic portable server.
If you want a more permanent installation install the server as a service is covered on [[Mini Servers: Apache 2.2.9 Service|the next page page]].
Perhaps you would like to protect the server with a name and password . I cover this with [[Mini Servers: Apache 2.2.9 Portable - Authentication|Mini Server 3]].
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