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<li>...'''that''' there are several application plugins available for The Uniform Server?</li>
<li>...'''that''' you can install [[Uniform_Server|The Uniform Server]] without getting any dust on your pc or in your registry?</li>
<li>...'''that''' Taras really made this software for his clients, but later decided to make it open source and free?</li>
<li>...'''tha'''t thousands of companies and people have suggested [[Uniform_Server|The Uniform Server]] be made a commercial product, but Taras refused them all?</li>
<li>...'''that''' you can [[Installing_SVN|Install SVN]] with your [[Uniform_Server|Uniform Server]] installation?</li>
<li>...'''that''' we spend nights and days, even our dreams, thinking of ways to make our software as easy and simple as saying A B C?</li>

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