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Installing MediaWiki on 7-Orion

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# '''A)''' Create a new folder named '''mediawiki_b''' (Can be any name)
# Extract a new copy of Uniform Server V57-Nano Orion to this folder<br>&nbsp;--- Database user name '''root''' - No need to change this<br>&nbsp;--- Database password '''root''' - Before installing MediaWiki I recommend changing this using [[4.0-Mona: Security & passwords#MySQL Password | apanel]]
# '''Start''' Uniform Server.
'''''Download Mediawiki'''''
<ol start="4">
<li> '''B)''' Create a new folder '''mediawiki_a''' (Can be any name its ; it's only a temporary folder)</li><li> Download Mediawiki '''1.1516.25''' (or newer version) from [ here] and save to a convenient folder, for example '''mediawiki_a'''</li><li>Unzip the downloaded file (mediawiki-1.15.2.tar.gz) Windows cannot do this use . Use something like 7-Zip Portable<br>&nbsp;--- Download site: [http://portableappssourceforge.comnet/projects/sevenzip/files/7-Zip/apps9.20/utilities PortableApps7za920.comzip/download]<br>&nbsp;--- File name: 7-Zip Portable command line - Multilingual file archiver and compressor</li><li>'''B)''' Extract '''mediawiki-1.1516.25.tar.gz''' to current path, creates a new folder '''mediawiki-1.15.2.tar''' ; open this folder '''C)'''</li><li>'''C)''' Extract mediawiki-1.1516.25.tar to current path, creates a new folder mediawiki-1.15.2 '''(D)'''</li>
'''''Copy files to Uniform Server'''''
<ol start="9">
<li>'''E)''' Copy folder '''mediawiki-1.1516.25''' to server root folder '''www'''</li><li>'''F)''' Rename folder '''mediawiki-1.1516.25''' to '''wiki'''</li>
# Type the following into your browser address bar:<br /> '''<nowiki>http://localhost/wiki/</nowiki>''' This redirects to installation page.
# Click the link Please '''set up the wiki''' first.
# This opens the configuration page scroll . Scroll down to<br /> '''Site config''' and fill in the form.
'''''Site config'''''
<table width="490" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1">
<tr bgcolor="#F4F4F4"><td width="150" align="right">Wiki name:</td><td>MPG MW on US (whatever you like)</td></tr>
<tr bgcolor="#F4F4F4"><td align="right">Contact e-mail:</td><td>admin@localhost</td></tr>
<tr bgcolor="#F4F4F4"><td align="right">Language:</td><td>en-English</td></tr>
'''Click Install MediaWiki'''
After creating the database , a second page will display, scroll . Scroll down the page and you will see the conformation confirmation message :
Installation successful! Move the config/LocalSettings.php <br>file to the parent directory, then follow this link to your wiki”
'''Notes Note 3:''' To enable image uploads:
#Open file: '''LocalSettings.php'''
#Located in folder: *\UniServer\udrive\www\'''wiki'''
== Portability ==
If you want a portable version of MediaWiki , copy the folder '''UniServer''' and all its content to your USB memory stick that’s it. Don’t expect fantastic speeds however , but it is usable.
Uniform Server uses the standard ports (Apache port 80 and MySQL port 3306). If a host PC is currently running another server on these ports it will prevent UniServer from running. To resolve this situation, either stop the host servers or preferably install your UniServer on different ports by moving the servers, as described next.
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