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Installing InnoDB

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A lot of users like me have had issues enabling ==Enabling InnoDB for MySQL== Open this file:  UniServer\usr\local\mysql\my.ini Search for the following line(s) and comment out '''skip-innodb''' (or as you can call it installingshown) to activate InnoDB within MySQL.  &#35; Note: The innodb block is enabled/disabled using a single line <br>&#35; Uncomment the next line to disable innodb tables. Comment line to enable innodb tables &#35; skip-innodb That's it; no other changes needed. === Older versions (pre-5.x-Nano) ===InnoDB support is available in MySQL as a lot of users on the forum pointed out, but not enabled by default. To enable it, please follow the instructions below.
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1. Open the W:\usr\local\mysql\bin\my-small.cnf file in Notepad or any other text editor of your choice. <br />

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