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Admin Panel 2

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'''Admin Panel Guide'''
''Note:'' This has been updated to reflect Uniform Server series 4 and higher.
With UniServer running , you can access apanel at any time by typing '''<nowiki>http://localhost/apanel/</nowiki>''' or '''<nowiki>http://localhost/a/</nowiki>''' into your browser address bar.
The following table mimics describes apanel's main menu links, most . Most links are self-explanatory , however where appropriate I have provided additional information (follow the links). External links are off-site links and correspond to apanel's information links.
|Links allowing you to select apanel’s displayed language (currently English, translators ). Translators are working on other languages.
'''''Note 1'':''' If you want to prevent apanel display when the servers are started open file '''Server_Start.bat''' locate the line '''start %apanel%\redirect.html''' and comment it out by adding either "''':'''" or "'''rem'''" at the start of the line eg '''rem start %apanel%\redirect.html '''   '''''Note 2'':''' When you change Apache port for example to '''8080''' starting the servers automatically redirects to apanel. To run apanel manually you must include the port number for example type the following '''<nowiki>http://localhost:8080/apanel/</nowiki>''' into a browser address bar. If the port number had been 81 you would type '''<nowiki>http://localhost:81/apanel/</nowiki>'''
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