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Admin Panel 2: Restart Services

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=[ Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly]=
Clicking '''Restart Services''' opens this confirmation page, before restarting either Apache or MySQL '''service'''. requires you to click one of the links below.
<&lt;div style="&quot;width:75%;background:#e2fef9;padding:8px">&quot;&gt;<&lt;div style="&quot;background:#4F4F97;font-size:16px;color:#ffffff;padding:4px">&quot;&gt;'''» Restart Server'''<&lt;/div>&gt;{|width="&quot;75%" &quot; style="&quot;background:#e2fef9;"&quot;
This script will restart the services.<&lt;br>&gt;
It may take some time.
I am sure: [[#top|Restart Apache2 Service]]<&lt;br>&gt;
I am sure: [[#top|Restart MySQL Service]]
'''''Note'':''' The above links only work when the servers have been installed as a service.
For completeness I have included the READ ME.txt file located in folder '''*\Uniform Server\udrive\plugins\Services'''
A T T E N T I O N !!!
can not be responsible for any type of damages or troubles
caused by using this or another software.
Do read the documentation at []


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